Comet Hale-Bopp at Sunrise/Creative Commons licensed image from cynical pinkI need another Hale-Bopp
in the winter sky, looping the black tapestry closer
to where blood surges inside.
I could be standing on the side porch,
or in a dream, and it would be the same—
a skin of silver left in its frosty trail.
It's all right, even comets dream in blood
and fire, as the earth grows colder.

Copyright © 2009, Meg Smith

Image Credit: cynical pink, some rights reserved

Meg Smith is a writer and journalist living in Lowell, Mass. In addition to Astropoetica, her poems have appeared previously in The Cafe Review, The Lowell Offering, The Bridge Review, Erosha and many others. She also performs as an Oriental dancer, Morgana, and is an avid researcher of Middle Eastern history and culture. She welcomes visits to her Web site,