Cosmic salamanderI have put my faith in you,
spotted salamander.
Your back is a ripple in the night,
a felled constellation.
Before we could name the stars
I named you because you were close
and ready to be touched.
We will walk together, lie together,
and create our own sky together with
our fine skin and small certain fingers
on the muddy earth.

Copyright © 2006, Meg Smith

Image Credit: Astropoetica, with galactic slice courtesy
NASA and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

Meg Smith is a writer, journalist and Oriental dancer living in Lowell, Mass. Her writing has appeared in The Gothic Revue,, Lost In the Dark, Dreams of Decadence,, The End, The Café Review, The Bridge Review, Pudding, Tryst, and others. Her poem, “Huracán,” received an honorable mention from St. Martin’s Press Year’s Best Fantasy And Horror. She has published a book of poetry, The First Fire. She is editor and publisher of Red Eft, an occasional journal of fantasy, horror and speculative literature, now online at She is a staff writer for Jareeda, a trade magazine of Middle Eastern dance, and associate editor of Middle Eastern Dance in New England. She welcomes visits to her web site at