Illustration of Voyager 2 by Pat Rawlings

No firsts remain in this solar system.
Lunar landing, I skated across your light
a step ahead of Neil Armstrong’s frog-like bounds.
In boyhood, I destroyed the Martians
to make life safe for future probes.
I saw voluptuous Venus step from her shell
without the aid of telescope
and surfed the rings of Saturn
on a wave of solar winds.
I’ve weathered storms on Jupiter,
signaled Earth from Pluto’s chilly speck.
wielded my chariot within
a flame’s throw of the sun.
So NASA’s sending out another Voyager.
An old voyage of mine, no doubt.

Copyright © 2006, John Grey

Image Credit: NASA/Pat Rawlings

John Grey is an Australian born poet, playwright, musician. His latest book is What Else Is There from Main Street Rag. His work has recently appeared in Hubbub, South Carolina Review, and Journal Of The American Medical Association.