everywhere at once, dispossesses
Mnemosyne, phoneme, ohm,
Data from the Diffuse Infrared Background Experiment (DIRBE) obtained at infrared wavelengths of 100, 140 and 240 µmdim rune
'15 billion years travelling'
beside many-eyed Hydrogen's offspring,
unreleased from orogenous forces,
heat located around an eye's
own erogenous color
glimmers in blackbodied
colorless total Shock
dilating into
relaxing stargazing)

cooled stones, cosmogonies
frost-heaved to the surface,
broken & eroded directions encoded
in dopplering microwave tenses,
primitive music of Theoretical Hope
finally arrives to examine earthly carnage)

the 4 Disunited Forces of Desire, once
held back in a bond of Anticipation
to the hottest mirage, commitments
to forage something of oneself,
to feed on audio states of Entropy
by the simple Graces,
settle on a wavelength
adjacent to Eros
'never do us part'
solely into aloof plasmic
Night-Children cooling faster in communication
of chronic voidness, kinked
megahertz of Midgard's Serpent
deluging Elsewhere Chaos reminiscent of
the mystery of Anti-
fellow survival)

backgrounds of bees, crickets
to conversations telescoped down
to curiosity if there's life
in a local star group,
a social class or noise of inalienable
Souls oscillating along information curves
passing from Helium
over ptolemaic rounded scaffoldings
broken down in a last employment
& on into heavy momenta, relativity
of travels, new phases
of flawless flaws in dust & light)

Earth grown into a romanticized animal
reeling in space,
trapped spectra
in cringing Fusion placed now in
a second exploded into powers, the whole
Nineyards always to go,
bathed in isotropic fanatic Adoration
subsequence to the first surprise play)

everyone will please agree on what happened yesterday?
a trillion billion billion degrees more crowded
than the orient,
before zeroes soon fill the west, evidencing
a flick of a lighter,
bringing winter along)

'light hadn't reached there yet')

because it accelerated
at different rates also known
as Ouranos)

in the foreground a few astronomers
begging two last quick questions:
'are we alone?' &
'where is Tartaros?')

in Truth the sky rose, altered
all over the place,
number crunchers
take up a carrot stick,
a nightingale sings

Copyright © 2008, Dave Shortt

Image Credit: Legacy Archive for Microwave Background Data Analysis (LAMBDA). Support for LAMBDA is provided by the NASA Office of Space Science.

Dave Shortt's work has appeared in the print journals Salamander (Brookline MA), Mesechabe (New Orleans), Bullhead (Ashland KY), Sulfur (Ypsilanti MI), Nexus (Dayton OH), Nedge (Providence); and the cyberzines Muse Apprentice Guild, and The Arts Paper.