NGC 6210: The Turtle NebulaNanaboozhoo
Sat on the back of Turtle
Turtle's shell swirled with
Curled dimensions,
Tickled his naked butt
And Nanaboozhoo laughed with
The voice of Strings

I asked him—
What is force and
What is effect?
But he just laughed.

Copyright © 2008, Lisa Geoffrion

Image Credit: Robert Rubin and Christopher Ortiz (NASA Ames Research Center), Patrick Harrington and Nancy Jo Lame (University of Maryland), Reginald Dufour (Rice University), and NASA

Lisa Geoffrion was recently fired from her gas station attendant job for writing poetry while standing at the register. She is currently attending nursing school, turning in physiology quizzes and chemistry lab data sheets with strange bits of poetry on the backs or in the margins. Lisa makes her home in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. This is her first published work of poetry.