milkyway foot


the air is damp and
my feet unfurl into the nightsky
heel touching toe touching
the scrying pond of palm
where history emerges and
confabulated memories are rinsed
like dirt and starch from rice
and the murky water
so like pearls
tastes chalky white


Copyright © 2008, Terrie Leigh Relf

Image Credit: vk-red, some rights reserved

Terrie Leigh Relf, a lifetime member of the Science Fiction Poetry Association, wears many skins at Sam's Dot Publishing. She is also the poetry editor for Tales from the Moonlit Path. The Poet's Workshop—and Beyond and Blood Journey, a vampire novel co-authored with Henry Lewis Sanders, have been recently released from Sam's Dot Publishing. Her long-awaited "my friend" collection My friend, the poet, and other poems about people I think I knowis forthcoming from Sam's Dot in July. Recently, "Space Envelopes", a collaborative poem co-authored with her daughter, Willow Katsumi Relf-Discartin, was nominated for a Rhysling Award in the long-form category.