Black Sun

by Marina Lee Sable

Pivot of day and night,
black pearl devouring the red eye
and Helios taking it all with him.

In that ancient pandemonium
of cold-blood trembling
within a crucible of darkness
where fiery arrows
once rekindled the moribund sun;

in that melt of corporeal and ethereal,
the chill-air rigor
of a restless day suspended
and mutable streets anesthetized,
everything attenuated in an umbral trance;

a fantasy of ghostly stars appear
within the sloe of cold infinity.

A blaze of dragon's breath
erupts around the void,
smoldering streamers,
a violet wreath,
the sky shocked pink
and a cock crowing.

The prism nimbus disappears,
stars snuffed out
as the world turns on another axis
and slowly spins out of orbit,
blackening on an unknown trajectory
into the red eye of a new sun
widening across a red sky.
Red, red everywhere
and the blackness of death.

Copyright © 2004, Marina Lee Sable
2001 Total Solar Eclipse with diamond ring effect

2001 Total Solar Eclipse

Marina Lee Sable’s poetry has recently been published in Tangled, The Fifth Di..., Twilight Times, Scifaikuest, Aoife’s Kiss, and other magazines.

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Image courtesy of John Walker