In Praise of Eccentricity

by Greg Beatty

It seems that we exist
because we're off

Eccentric, if you will,
with orbits that are not circles
but ellipses.

And poles that are not straight
but blessedly, personally

In people, these slants bring
personalities, in planets

Despite, no because of,
the geometric imbalances
parallels suggest themselves.

Moods become seasons,
seasons moods. Sadness is not
bad but winter.

Fall is not dying but
maturation. And life, it is said,
springs from this imbalance.

As we fall into love, so
the planet tumbled into mammals
so long ago.

If so, I fear learning to move
through space and life

Being fully linear would kill
love and all
of us.

And too much bend, after
asteroids or madness,
would kill us too.

Oh sure, that's where the next
evolutionary leap comes.
But I like being a dinosaur
having my moods
and loving you.

Copyright © 2004, Greg Beatty
Ring Galaxy AM 0644-741

Ring Galaxy AM 0644-741

Greg Beatty attended Clarion West in the summer of 2000. He's had a number of short stories accepted since then. (For more information on his writing, visit his web site.) When he's not at his computer, he enjoys cooking, practicing martial arts, and having complex interpersonal relationships.

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Image courtesy of NASA and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)