by Jenn Mercer

"I obey, and am free falling slowly" — James Dickey

The charms of earth are fading,
Beyond its atmosphere.
Here I lie, red lights blinking
Beyond the friendly sphere.

I am taking in colors,
Counting the blues of
the oceans, the volcanoes below
Counting their fires.

There is nothing
Between the earth and me.
It is empty
Between the stars and earth.

Beyond the farthest sea
Where mermaids used to dwell
Counting stars as they stop twinkling
Between all and all, I hang.

Copyright © 2004, Jenn Mercer
Low earth orbit satellite

Artist's rendition of Terra,
flagship of the Earth Observing System

Jenn Mercer rediscovered her love of writing poetry during a sabbatical from the corporate world. She now fits in writing between a full schedule of work, peekaboo and studying taxes. There is no telling what she is likely to do next.

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Image courtesy of NASA.