Comet Wild

by Robin M. Mayhall

Comet Wild

Hurtling toward the sun,
Fragmented, misshapen,
Marked by matching craters like the footprints of some giant cosmonaut—
Blazing headlong through the solar system,
With skyscrapers of stone towering above tortured plains of grey rock,
And jets spewing gas from every orifice
Into the otherwise cold dark of space.
A name so aptly spelled, if only they'd pronounce it right,
Acknowledging how wild is this long race between the planets.

Copyright © 2005, Robin M. Mayhall

Robin M. Mayhall is a corporate communications writer and accredited public relations professional who writes fantasy and science fiction short stories and poetry in her "spare time." She shares an apartment in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, with four cats, who indulge her writing hobby with only occasional attempts to sit on her iBook's keyboard.

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Image courtesy of NASA/JPL