Cyberspace: Fractal Art by Jack YakoCyber space – rather like real space,
but without stars or moons.

It’s warmer – a tang of electricity and
a nose of new plastic hangs in the void.

It’s a space more graphite than black;
a perfect emptiness riddled with energy

where the occasional line of hypertext,
scrambled into glyphic goo

may stream into view with a rush
of non-existent air, as a train, a tailed comet

hauling a long poem or snippet of prose
along invisible band-width.

Mutated phish with murderous teeth
burp bubbles of sewered gas

sounding bubble you, bubble you, bubble you
into the cosmos of no depths or shallows.

In that same space, cookies rotate slowly
like lost cells in an ocean,

waiting to ride the board of the next surfer
to some distant outpost.

Copyright © 2007, Graham Burchell

Image Credit: Jack Yaco, some rights reserved

Graham Burchell was born in 1950 in Canterbury, England but now writes from his home in Houston, Texas. He is the winner of the 2005 Chapter One Promotions Open Poetry Competition, Winner of the 2006 Hazel Street Productions Poetry Contest, the runner up in the 2005 'Into Africa' International Poetry Competition and a runner up in the 2006 Ware Open Poetry Competition. He was also nominated for a 2006 Pushcart Prize. His poetry has appeared in many print and online literary magazines. His first poetry collection From The Right Side of the Pond (Sun Rising Press) and his second Vermeer’s Corner (Foothills Publishing) will be published this year along with his children’s novel Chester and the Green Pig (Calderwood Books). He is also the editor of the online poetry journal, Words-Myth. Please also visit his personal website –