StargazerTwo glass eyes gape at delicacy,
fleeting like night thoughts
and light like a memory.
We try to render the movement
the momentary flicker, blinked,
into a noun such as sparrow.

One long glass trunk smells
faint aromas of dead stars,
the light that is their memoir.
We try to render the thick stew,
the pungent white melange,
into a recipe such as Sirius.

Copyright © 2009, P.S. Cottier

Image Credit: Space Ritual, some rights reserved

P.S. Cottier lives in Canberra, Australia.  Her first book of poetry, The Glass Violin, was published in November 2008 by Ginninderra Press  and a collection of short stories will follow later this year.  She holds a PhD in Literature from the Australian National University, and has worked as a lawyer, a union organiser, a university tutor and a tea-lady. She is totally and irredeemably innumerate.