Stylized Lorenz attractora discretely sampled sum of N

the illusion of order
in an otherwise
mandelbrot set

periodic functions
that resist zero

periodic functions
that defy zero unpredictable
is our constant
our refrain waves
of radiation expand
as they contract particles
are birthed from this decay

a bach fugue surges

quantum freeze-tag

heat death God's
funereal dirge there's


in always falling forward it’s
a pleasure to collide yes
we will gather at the river

of course we will gather at the river

self similar
and estranged

Copyright © 2009, S. A. Kelly

Image Credit: Wikimol/Dschwen/Emily Gaskin, some rights reserved

Scott Kelly has been writing and publishing speculative poetry for over twenty years. His poems have appeared in Star*Line, Beyond, The Magazine of Speculative Poetry, and Amazing Stories, among others. Most recently his work has appeared in Star*Line and the 2008 Dwarf Stars Anthology. Scott lives in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, with his wife and son. His blog, Vacuum Genesis, can be found at