Astropoetica: Mapping the Stars through Poetry

The Neophyte

She starts her journey as cognizant stardust
taking form from the Æther around her
moon-kissed skin, lips the color of Mars,
dark matter hair the depths of a black hole.

Donning a cloak woven from red dwarf stars
she travels the wormhole paths of space and time.
She stops to dance and sing with the white dwarfs
while playing hide-and-seek with Lupus and Sirius.

To please a frog, she dives into the Milky Way
to retrieve golden gaseous orbs of dragon eggs
waltzing with Capricorn along the way while
numerous claws of the Crab Nebula draw blood.

The music of the universe lulls her to sleep on
soft pillow clouds of Venus' outer atmosphere.
Upon waking she feels an ache through her body
from the single well-placed asteroid hidden beneath.

She dissolves into a meteor shower heading for Earth
then touches down on the small fertile garden planet.
Atom tries to steal her rib, her tongue, her otherness.
He cuts off her hands. In their place, lithe wings sprout.

The nightingale serenades her as the serpent leads
her to the roof of the gingerbread cottage to retrieve
a chocolate shingle. She bites, seeing herself reflected
in the mirror of the cosmos, then lets down her hair.

She spins straw into gold, pricks her finger, dances
all night, and figures out secret names. She kneads
flax, eats rampion, and transforms into sea foam.
At the midnight hour, she rides a comet homeward.

She ends her journey falling back into the womb of
heaven where it began long ago, once upon an eon.
Transformed back into radiant stardust, she's a neophyte,
ready to cycle anew like the phoenix and Uroborus.

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Born in Chicago, raised in Paris, and currently living in California, A. B. S. Dudevant is working on a degree in Cross-cultural Studies with an emphasis on Gender Roles in the Mythologies of Megalithic Cultures (and is an Ancient Aliens Theory enthusiast!). Dudevant has had poetry published in Abyss & Apex, microcosms, and Star*Line, and a story forthcoming in the anthology Bride of the Golem: An Anthology of Humorous Jewish Horror.