Astropoetica: Mapping the Stars through Poetry

Losing Sky Candy

we took an eraser to the sky
smeared out the stars and left
an orangey glow that confused the world
Kid laughed when told about the candy
bar in the sky what a joke it's all a lie
might as well eat it munch down
slobber on the left over white dots
bits of sugar shining through but blotted
out with a single light
midnight snack of car dealerships shouting we are
here hotels where guests can parachute
from planes to room balconies tuck in tight
and Kid learned safety in the glare rather
than fear in the squint that moths and birds
got baffled like everything else floating
not a mote in a sun beam but our beam
getting too close to fry on the heat
of an overly enthusiastic-Edison
invention sizzle and burn the stars
forgotten and pushed away no
foggy breath in the country flirting
with bashful twinklers shining in glory
of fire and fusion but lost in bright city lights
the new age the tech age of all knowledge all
but the milky way imagination of reality
one last connection blotted out

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Ameé Hennig comes from a varied background of Astronomy Research as an undergraduate and Creative Writing. Currently, she works with the University of Arizona as an Education & Outreach Coordinator with the goal of increasing the number of children and adults with vested interest in STEM topics. In the future Ameé hopes to also inspire anyone and everyone that comes across her astropoetry to learn something about science and astronomy while also finding a unique connection to the stars. Read more on her astropoetry blog at