The Hidden Message

by Michael Lohr

Echoes of autumn's entropy
swirl about in the cosmic cauldron
the curvature of moon shadows
cajoled by weeping stars
evoke free flowing form

She weeps a tapestry of Braille
upon the hallow darkness of the night sky
it is up to our souls
to read the message

Copyright © 2004, Michael Lohr
Moon Halo

Moon Halo
Copyright © 2003, Christopher J. Picking

Michael Lohr is a writer, university researcher and folklorist currently working on a nonfiction book about Maori tribal masks and Shamanic traditions of New Zealand. His writing has appeared in such diverse magazines as Rolling Stone, Rolling, The New York Review, Vermont Living, Vermont Life, Southern Living, The Copperfield Review, Gothic.Net, Marsdust, ImageNation (England), The Journal (England), Legend (England), The Zone SF (England), Marsdust, Alien Contact (Germany), Green Egg and Magical Blend Magazine.

He is currently the poetry and nonfiction editor for the British print magazine, Visionary Tongue: Dark Fantasy For The Millennium, which is sponsored by British author Storm Constantine. He writes a regular column on fortean, mythos and folklore topics entitled "The Mystic Bardo" for Midnight Street: Journeys Into Darkness, England's première dark speculative adventure magazine. He is the US correspondent for the professional French genre entertainment magazine, Science Fiction Magazine. He is also a correspondent for the British music magazine, Modern Dance.

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