Faintest Attraction

by Richard Fein

Composite image of sun setting behing the Flatirons mountainsNo, you can't move mountains,
and your pounding fists won't budge them,
but your very presence creates a tidal force,
though no white-foamed waves break over sharp rocks.
Don't be flattered for any mass in this universe will do.
But the mathematics governing your gravity
governs all other gravities just as heavily.
True, mountains remain rigid before you
and their stones are unmoved,
but within them arises the slightest tension to draw near.
And this same tension arises
within the earth beneath and the planets above you.
No human-made seismograph
can measure the nanodynes of attraction,
but some divine register might record
how all existence is faintly swayed
to gather by your side.

Copyright © 2005, Richard Fein

Richard Fein has been published in many web and print journals. He has two personal web sites on which he has posted his poetry and photography.

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Image courtesy of the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)