A Photon's Tale

by John E. Gray

Extragalactic jet near M87Implacable photons.
Indifferent to Fate.
When observed,
Bohr not Einstein
their story relates.
By interaction—Telepathic
Lodging in Bell's Hotel.
When unobserved,
they blaze many trails
not known to Man.
to the Truth of Place.

Copyright © 2005, John E. Gray

John E. Gray is a physicist and mathematician by education. He works for DOD working in various aspects of radar, estimation, and electromagnetism since he left graduate school. He has written and published physics and philosophy papers as a hobby. He has been writing essays and poetry throughout most of his. He has in the last year decided to take writing more seriously and pursue publication of poetry. He is considering doing the same for some essays about various aspects of science.

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Image of M87 courtesy of NASA and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)