Echoes of truth and light show us:
what is inside is outside too.
The Universe is our inhabitant,
we are its creators.

Copyright © 2002, Sergiu Olteanu

Traveling through the Milky Way,
an embryo, wounded by solitude,
decided to give birth
to a concept named “system.”

Copyright © 2001, Elena Sorescu

If we combine a neutrino particle
with a beam of human metaphysics,
and multiply all
with two excerpts of beams
of a black hole,
we make a realistic copy
of the Earth,
with the two poles tending to blend:
Human and Cosmic.

Copyright © 1999, Lucian Boboc

You confessed to me your love. Then:
the space gong was heard,
a comet was broken,
a nova was born,
and the Pleiades rose.

Copyright © 1998, Izabela Boros, 1998

Starry soul, my soul
separated from the light,
eclipsed by the Sun,
lost in the chaos of nebula mothers,
transformed into comets with silky tails,
closed in the hourglass of Scorpio,
hunted by the arch of Hercules,
carried by Cygnus…

Copyright © 2001, Catalina Mitrut, 2001

Smell of hearing—
solar explosions,
geomagnetic storms,
boreal auroras—
reality of an astronomer!

Copyright © 2004, Iulian Andrei

A crying. Did you hear it?
Is it the sky?
Moon in clouds.

Copyright © 2002, Tina Visarian

My love, I shall give you
a bouquet of meteors
tied by a translucent
tail of comet.
My love, wait for me!
We shall drink the nectar
of collapsed stars…

Copyright © 1997, Sergiu Dobos

The transparent colors
of the Summer Triangle
carry my thought
to a stratum of nebulae.
I invoke you on my Earth
among eight other planets,
opinion giving birth to
oscillations of galaxies!

Copyright © 2000, Anca Buhus

There was a comet running in space
to touch the Sun’s wonderful face.
But, with her last oval race,
she melted, leaving no trace.
Oh, former comet running in space!

Copyright © 2002, Ionel Catalin Diaconu

Stars are dying,
caught by the canopy
buried in yesterday,
and, among the winds,
silver tails run,
my eyes thrill,
my hands sigh,
and I roar:

Copyright © 2000, Emanuela Ignatoiu-Sora

Thinking of nothing
all I could see
was a dead second

Copyright © 2003, Aura Cainar, 2003

Lost on the edge
of the solar system.

Copyright © 2004, Gelu-Claudiu Radu

Last night I dreamt
of all the world emperors
walking on the Milky Way.
Did history produce
a mistake?

Copyright © 2000, Paul Boboc

on a beam of light
the spring’s silence

Copyright © 2003, Iulian Olaru

I announced to my soul
that time disappeared,
and it asked me, crying:
“But I…
when do I become wiser?”

Copyright © 2003, Maria Nutu-Sima

Sometimes I’m afraid that
poetry of the future will be
not the starlight,
but the headlight.

Copyright © 2005, Ion Moraru

We deliberately shackle ourselves
in a cage of troubles,
when above us
the blaze of sacred life flutters.
The light spreads all around us
and, bathing our bodies in it,
we can say:

Copyright © 2002, Eliza Trandafir

English translations from the Romanian by Andrei Dorian Gheorghe

Image Credit: Copyright © Tina Visarian