The sky hangs heavy tonight
and the stars are linked by bridges of sighs
reflected in the earth’s racing breath
full with the dreams of a thousand beings
and looking down she softly cries—
the occasional salty comet drips from the void…
waiting for the next to be added to the list of dreams won and hopes lost.
Rushing lives pass below.
Each age a second in the liquid black, ocean of the moon.
She gently adores each passing galaxy
covering each with a multi-coloured gas-cloak.

The earth answers back.
Embracing ages with thickening soil
hiding fading horizons under a rippling crust—
he sinks lives into the gritty bone dashed, stone dashed floor
curling to meet the sky.
Reaching up cathedral fingers to prod the night,
they crumble hopelessly with
the vibrating stampede of passing years.
Mythologies are added to the encasing globe,
that cradles the stars and the core,
stuck in a web of ancient dew.

Copyright © 2006, Briony Dennis

Image Credit: Copyright © 2005, Bruno Burini, some rights reserved

Artwork by Bruno Burini

Briony Dennis comes from Hampshire, England, and is interested in exploring mythology, science and different personas through her poetry. She has a Masters Degree in Critical and Creative Writing from Winchester University and plans to continue towards a PhD with a thesis in the relationship between science and poetry. The poetry of Ted Hughes, T.S. Eliot, W.B. Yeats and Marion Lomax has most influenced her poetic expression. Briony likes to give a reader a journey through an emotional narrative, one which utilizes all the senses of the reader. She has been writing poetry for 12 years.