Captured here!, by Turki Al-FassamWell, not exactly.

          In the beginning
          I peer into the heart
          of the Sun.

          You roll it
          in the palm of your hand
          as a glass stone;
          not white, but red
          and gold.

          You point to the bright spot:
          there is a hole
          in the sky
          and the sun is so thirsty
          it drinks our skin.

          But nobody takes it seriously...
          this idea we are born
          from the stars.

          I need the fire myth
          of lion colored solar flares,
          disturbing the uncommited,
          as much as you do.

          Let the fire
          burn straight into me,
          magnetic in the naked

          We are sure of nothing
          and hope for everything
          together in the gallery
          of the sun.

          You won't say why,
          except your religion is the cosmos,
          and language echos

          So, I vanish
          into the eye of love
          to be with you in the ultraviolet
          hands of sky.

Copyright © 2008, Zayra Yves

Image Credit: Turki Al-Fassam, some rights reserved

Zayra Yves is a spoken word artist that lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. She is published in The Zimbabwe Situation, The Panhandler Quarterly, Voices for Africa, Eyes of the Poet , and Reflections IIT Madras (India). She has been the featured poet on the West Marin Community Radio for "House of the Poet" and on South Africa's Independent Radio. For more information you can visit her web site: