Moon haloa tall frosted glass
and the sliced half-lemon
of an orb three nights
     before full moon.
     its rind,
propped up on the rim,
resting on a slender straw
     along eternity's edge.

        from the blue hills of forever
far beyond twilight's horizon,
        the evening's rain sieves
     lunar ichor
dripping from midnight's milky sky—
drops of silver starlight
     flavored with a sweet tang

and with your fresh lime soda
     you sip celestial radiance
     from your tall frosted glass

     your fingerprints on its circumference
     patterning whorls of shadow
against the black starlit void
     of an entire universe.

Copyright © 2005, Srinjay Chakravarti
First published by SARM

Image Credit: USNOAA

Srinjay Chakravarti is a 35-year-old journalist, economist and writer based in Salt Lake City, Calcutta, India. He was educated at St. Xavier's College, Calcutta and at universities based in Calcutta and New Delhi. He was also admitted to the University of Chicago. His poetry and prose have appeared in numerous publications all over the world. North American credits include Euphony, Tiferet: A Journal of Spiritual Literature, Eclectica Magazine, The Pedestal Magazine, The Melic Review, Bare Root Review, Poetry Super Highway, The Avatar Review, Brazzil Magazine, Gowanus, The Bathyspheric Review, The Avatar Review, Contemporary Rhyme, Ygdrasil, Science Creative Quarterly and The Foliate Oak. His poetry has also appeared in Poems Niederngasse, The Poetry Kit, Great Works, Snakeskin, Other Poetry, Orbis, The Journal, Poetry Scotland, Poetry Greece, Quarterly Literary Review Singapore, DeepSouth, Near East Review and Poetry Salzburg Review. His journalistic columns include essays and articles on economics, politics, physics (including astrophysics) and literature (including literary criticism and book reviews). His first book of poems Occam's Razor (Writers Workshop, Calcutta) received the SALT literary award from John Kinsella and an Australian literary trust in 1995.