Artist's impression of Corot-7bThere is a similar concept in our tribal traditions.
The angelic beings highest in the hierarchy
are constantly being burned alive
due to their closeness to the Infinite Light,
and they are constantly recreated
to be able to fulfill their purpose.
So it is with this planet.

You need to know I am a surveyor,
secular, levelheaded, assimilated.
I cannot help but think of the words of the ancients.

If you observe this planet you will notice
that the side close to the sun is so hot
that even the rocks evaporate,
and they cool down and fall
as a hail of pebbles and dust
on the dark side.
The planet is tidally locked—
the face it shows to the sun is always the same.

I cannot help but think of the words of the ancients—
my body shivers,
and my shudders make a faint tremor run through my ship.

Outside, rocks are raining.

Copyright © 2011, Bogi Takács

Image Credit: European Southern Observatory, some rights reserved

Bogi Takács is a Hungarian Jewish author. In addition to working on her doctoral thesis in clinical neuroscience, she is also a freelance popular-science journalist selling articles to Hungarian online and print magazines. She occasionally writes speculative fiction, media reviews and poetry in both English and Hungarian.

In her spare time, she helps run Expanded Horizons, a webzine focusing on underrepresented groups in speculative literature.