Like discovering water on the surface of the moon—
sometimes love finds you in the beautiful desolation
of a dark and empty heart.     No river, no lake-
filled crater, no rain to streak the lunar sky, just
a meager film of dew laid down in endless night,
but gather up the spread-thin droplets on the freeze-
dried ancient sea—oh lonely sky-flung traveler—
wet your long-parched lips, slake your love-
forsaken thirst, and drink in, too, the light-
pulsed words that shine across space and time
like the bright and smiling face of the full moon
that casts its glow upon the hills and lakes,
coyotes and junkyard dogs, soldiers and sailors
and ships at sea, and lovers strolling hand in hand
on the tide-turned shores of a far-off watery world.

Copyright © 2010, Ray Sharp

Image Credit: Esparta Palma, some rights reserved

Ray Sharp lives in the rural, rugged and remote Western Upper Peninsula region of Michigan, where he works in public health. Sharp's poems have been published at, and, and more of his recent works are at,, and