by Bric Barnes

Somewhere in space. Constellation Camelopardus. A wayward
explorer searching for a phone booth. Too far away to use his
cellular, he counts his change; realizes he'll have to call collect;
wonders if perhaps he hadn't stretched his neck out a little too far.

amongst the stars
the giraffe
seeking the Gods

Copyright © 2003, Bric Barnes

by Corbinianus Thomas

Bric Barnes, alter ego and resident artist to the body of Rich Pearl, is an extemporaneous sort of writer. Words just sort of materialize. And then a journey begins. It all starts small, but from the simple seeds of just a few words, sentences and paragraphs have been known to follow. Haibuns, haiku, short stories, free verse, they are all an offshoot of a collection of fingers that like to do their stuff. And some of it has even made it in to print.

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Image courtesy of Linda Hall Library of Science, Engineering & Technology