by Rich Pearl

Stalking past the Persian. Covering one's tracks and making mach
time despite staying off the known trails. Can't be careful enough.
An Indian looks down from amidst the bluffs.

Apache moon. Comanche station. Kiowa horizon. Hiding amongst
the southern stars, tripping the light fantastic, meteorite by
meteorite, the hunter knows no bounds. Settles in but never stays.
Is always on the move. Ever alert. Fearful of losing his way, he
blazes a path through the unknown.

Rising from behind a rock, seminole explorer, bow and arrow in
hand. It's a brave new world, with warriors in search of food.
Quanah Parker. Geronimo. Roman Nose. Feasting on the crane.
Dining on the toucan. Serving up the peacock. Counting coup. And
waiting for the return of the buffalo.

awaking Waniyetu
ascendant wanbli
the sparrow flies high upon the night

Copyright © 2003, Rich Pearl
Indus, the Indian

Indus, the Indian
by Rich Pearl

Rich Pearl is the author of a collection of parables, fables, and the re-workings of legends. As an army brat, he spent his early years collecting stories and embellishing on them. Decades later, he's still at it. He welcomes comments of any sort.

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Image courtesy of the U.S. Naval Observatory Library