Norma et Regula

by Rich Pearl

July 5th. Nine p.m.
The Cape of Good Hope.
In the vicinity, bright Antares.
On the meridian, de Lacaille,
the carpenter's square --
strong, steady, dependable Norma.

Six thousand light years away,
in the glow of a pale sky,
an open cluster can be seen.
A cosmic rift, with
its dark, disjunctive dusk
cuts the horizon.

Offstage, a diva rehearses a part.
Maria Callas, bel canto --
Bellini's Druid Princess.
Lost love and betrayal, a tale
played out amidst the stars,
where sacrifice is common.

Up above, inside a small
and caliginous asterism that lies
over the Southern hemisphere,
a fourth magnitude twinkling hints
of a depth unplumbed by the naked eye.
To see, one must look further.

Copyright © 2003, Rich Pearl
NGC 6188 in Norma

NGC 6188 in Norma
© 2003 Christopher J. Picking

Rich Pearl is the author of a collection of parables, fables, and the re-workings of legends. As an army brat, he spent his early years collecting stories and embellishing on them. Decades later, he's still at it. He welcomes comments of any sort.

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