Dreamful Slumber

by Jacie Ragan

I sail my ship across the waves of night,
eyes closed against the flickering of stars
which glint like lightning bugs in mason jars
or gleam like golden fleece to catch the light
reflected off the moon. I hold on tight,
steering past the dreams that leave thin scars,
past shards of nightmares sharp as scimitars,
and shadow-shapes of phantasms in flight.

For while we sleep, no harborage exists,
all straits seem dangerous to navigate,
each passage in the dreamworld shifts and twists
while undercurrents swirl and fluctuate.
We lose our bearings drifting through dark mists.
Astern, these tides of night evaporate.

Copyright © 2003, Jacie Ragan
Argo Navis

by Julius Schiller

Born in the long night of the winter solstice, Jacie Ragan likes to decipher the legends spelled out by the constellations, and believes the world would be better if we spent more time looking up. Her latest chapbook is Deadly Nightshade from Flesh & Blood Press and her sonnet cycle about Machu Picchu, In the Shadow of the Condor, won Byline’s 2002 Poetry Award.

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