by Rich Pearl

Dark, brooding, silent space. In the neighborhood, only ten million
light years distant -- L'Atelier du Sculpteur. Dwarf galaxies, dim
stars and the South Galactic Pole. East of Formalhaut and slightly
towards the northern horizon, the sculptor's table, with a marble
head, a chisel and a mallet, can be seen through the telescope. At
right angles to the Milky Way, and unobscured by the cosmic
debris, dust, gas and hazy patches of light, it is a look deep into
the vastness.

red star waning
white dwarf rising
a trailing comet's tail

Copyright © 2003, Rich Pearl

by Nicolas-Louis de Lacaille

Rich Pearl is the author of a collection of parables, fables, and the re-workings of legends. As an army brat, he spent his early years collecting stories and embellishing on them. Decades later, he's still at it. He welcomes comments of any sort.

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Image courtesy of Linda Hall Library of Science, Engineering & Technology