Very Large ArrayHush!
Cup a hand
to your ear.

Listen to the cosmic cooling—

bang of the universe
now whispering in microwave coos,
faint signals through
the birth canal of space.

First published in The Lilliput Review
Copyright © 2001, Claudine R. Moreau

Image Credit: Chris Luckhardt, some rights reserved

Claudine R. Moreau is a professor at Elon University where she teaches astronomy and physics. When she is not in professor mode or writing poetry, she enjoys running and backyard stargazing with her 8" SCT. She gets totally geeked-out showing folks celestial objects through a telescope for the first time; she loves hearing the gasps when they make out the tiny rings of Saturn, see the same four moons of Jupiter that Galileo witnessed in 1610, or just catch the wispy blue green nebulosity of the Orion Nebula out of the corner of their eye. She’s had poetry appear in The GW Review, The Bitter Oleander, and Arsenic Lobster.