Carrying the weight

by Jennifer Jerome

The thick sky, studded with sparks,
wheels above our awed eyes,
our accepting minds. Our chemistry
denies anything else: we are
too minute to move like that, too small
to be anything but stunned
by the steady whirl of the stars overhead.

And yet the motion of those bright bodies
is made by us: our small globe
spins on its invisible axis
from west to east. There is no such thing
as a celestial sphere, slowly rotating
around us from east to west,
carrying the weight of the stars
with it. We are the mover,
the stars like fixed points, poised
and patient as we turn, and turn again.

Copyright © 2004, Jennifer Jerome
Star Trails over Kaituna

Stair Trails over Kaituna
Copyright © 2003, Christopher J. Picking

Jennifer Jerome is a native New Yorker. When she was little, she wanted to eat the moon. She is still hungry. Her work is forthcoming in Chiaroscuro.

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