by Jennifer G. Cuthbertson

My fascination with the moon
waxed in childhood when
I orbited the television
to glimpse the Eagle that took
a Giant Leap, landed in the history
book, went in peace for all mankind.

That night I dressed up to go dreaming
in flannel pajamas
to watch the green cheese face
rise over the curtain top
to listen to the moonlight
serenade me.

Years later sitting in Astronomy
listening to the scientific nebula
I reached escape velocity
and dreamed of the gravity defying cow
and the owl and the pussycat
who sailed on.

Even though childhood pleasures
are long eclipsed,
the nocturnal sky transports,
reminds me that moonlight
still becomes me.

Copyright © 2004, Jennifer G. Cuthbertson
Moon Rise

Moon Rise
Copyright © 2003, Christopher J. Picking

Jennifer Cuthbertson works for Harris Publications as the Editor of QUILT Magazine , and is currently a student in Kennesaw State University's Master of Arts in Professional Writing Program. Her poem "Night Games" won fourth place in Bylines Magazine New Talent Poetry Contest, and her interview with author Janisse Ray is scheduled to appear in Arts & Letter: Journal of Contemporary Culture in Spring 2004. Jennifer lives in Atlanta with her husband, three cats, and a dog.

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