Antares and Pipe NebulaIt's simply there to build bridges,
to connect the pipeline to the scorpion's heart,
but in the way the dust and space grime
covers the light,

there's certain sinister blink to its path.
There are red emission nebulae 
scattered across,

and the warm blue light of fellow
stars, and paths,
and yellow reflections
of the light

But there's a smell of death,
in the way the darkness
in clouds spills, and leaks,

almost as if Azrael
might be waiting warm and snug
inside, taking tea and crumpets

while he waits for the sign.

Copyright © 2010, Stefanie Maclin

Image Credit: jpstanley, some rights reserved

Stefanie Maclin currently lives in Boston, MA, where she's pursuing her MLS.  She's previously been published in such magazines as Abyss&Apex, The Maynard, Doorknobs&Bodypaint, Kaleidotrope, Poetic Diversity, Conversation Poetry Quarterly, Under the Radar, Underground Voices, Poetica Magazine, Divine Dirt Quarterly and Battered Suitcase.  She has work forthcoming in Star*Line, Illumen, and Ouroboros Review.