HeliopauseSymmetrical silicon wings emanate
like stained glass windows
softening the spectrum's wake.
Antennae coordinate logic machinery
forward to the radioactive impasse,
boundless beyond the solar wall
already in termination shock:

against the winds of other stars,
the calm compels instinctive programming—
to plunge
into the turbulent equilibrium.

Copyright © 2010, Raul Garcia

Image Credit: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Conceptual Image Lab

Raul Garcia is a graduate of New Jersey City University with a BA in media arts. Presently, he is a writing instructor and tutor at the universityís Opportunity Scholarship Program. Furthermore, he is enrolled in a masterís program for media studies at New School University. He has poems published in Marymark Press, Fighting Chance Magazine, Ruah, and Scifaikuest.