by Andy Weaver

you rise from the ocean water
salt thickening your hair
and still no land in sight
you look to the stars
see the swan
his wings stretched
above you like a soaring cross

this is no time for doubt
no time for easy prayers
no time
          for time

the waves reach softly
to your mouth       your nose
you feel those great
wings taking you up
no need for breath
in the dry down
of his chest

and you have no fear

          no fear

of falling

Copyright © 2004, Andy Weaver
NGC 6960, Cygnus Loop

NGC 6960
Western portion of the Veil Nebula (Cygnus Loop)

Andy Weaver's poetry has appeared in various journals, as well as the anthology Evergreen: 6 new poets (Black Moss) and the chapbook not knowing spanish (Greenboathouse). He lives in Edmonton, Alberta, where he is a coordinator of The Olive reading and zine series. His first full-length collection of poetry will appear from NeWest press in Spring 2005.

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Image courtesy of N.A.Sharp, REU program/NOAO/AURA/NSF