Arecibo Radio Telescopein 1974
passed the sun's ionic clouds
in symmetry of eye, gender, discourse:
intelligent life (lit.) in binary handshakes offered
beyond mangled couplings & amputated
cosmic hairy limbs, accidents of meat head birth
push into toe digits,
transmitted logo(s) of foreplay
stays in touch (fig.) with its fantasies,
silent yell at the top of the lungs Iloveyou
maybe heard one imaginary day
by a laughing substantiation of trans-beings
'young enough to feel strong attraction'
to this curvy little (once
Top Secret) uranium'd mudpie planet

'approached her warm body in an interglacial'
searching in interminable termite curiosity
for another house, 'a summer place
beyond absolute zero'
(but stardust properties don't last forever, judged from
leveled forests & stacks of milled pine

sleep soundly my love, on a bed of lightyears,
the unique frequency of our shared dreams of diaspora
has snuck into the arid setting of the aeons
against a macro-background of crowning blackness
having been otherwise adopted terrestrially
out of earshot of the Dish

introduced life introduces itself again,
those events were spoken of as M13'ers
in a partly social-clamoring dialogue
powerfully built by slow, pray contained

in the sky shall another mating be,
seeming beyond saying,
some undeflected chatter will get through
every lover's verbatim polarizations
as it outraces quarkdom's incomplete mistrust

divorces of earth's felicities
line up to watch,
bystanders expanding in consciousness
blow kisses to the waves, wrought
in a civil ceremony marking the universe's expansion

reaching from its chromosomes,
meiosis into double-hung competently, waiting for
the end of loneliness?
a repentance from Cleopatra?
the sky's activity like that or this disc
with a memory of uploaded yin & yang,
posthumous letters down here asking:
who can share in the selfishness of these mistakes,
& this trailing poverty?

dharma darling you could be the yogic me
time will tell if
from temple rats trading garbage stories
they suddenly morph into
(1) the Greeting & (0) the No-fear,
lyrically configuring innerspace
('Hercules' Other Armpit')
negotiating the banishment
of whatever human flutter remains unmessaged

& are you there
in a forgotten body
of imagery or sound, like
bird songs here, & flowing water,
our telecom love, one
or manifold byte eros
blasts out on FM
bicamerally, beauty the itself invisible night & sole dear pixel
must write back
across: the lightcone of our missing each other,
milennia of poor beast misarticulation,
cheap & expensive recorded thrills, wow included

& are you there
in the fields, the depth
of the incredible reach of your hands, the splayed
& woven wheat of our thought

Copyright © 2009, Dave Shortt

Image Credit: Waleska Ruiz, some rights reserved

Another piece by Dave Shortt can be found in the Spring 2008 issue of Astropoetica.  His work has also appeared in the print journals Salamander (Brookline MA), Mesechabe (New Orleans), Bullhead (Ashland KY), Sulfur (Ypsilanti MI), Nexus (Dayton OH), Nedge (Providence); and the cyberzines Muse Apprentice Guild, The Arts Paper, and Sugar Mule.