Astropoetica: Mapping the Stars through Poetry

Specola Vaticana

(with apologies to Galileo)

Polar-Ring Galaxy NGC 4650A

Credit: NASA and the Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA)

Jesus divides bluegill among the masses
while disciples stuff the buckets, clip rosemary, and wade
to the shin-bones in a water
too thick to splash.

Sheep wallop lions, like first nature intended. A nature
before the serpent carjacked Yggdrasil’s only fruit, darkening
the forests for children searching
for candied houses and grandmothers.

A host of cherubs soap a muslin shroud and twist.
They ring-around-the-rosie, ready to catch and toss
any messiah plunged from the Pleiades.

Horsemen pock hoof marks in the moon, waiting
for the rabbit to jump. Meanwhile, Chang-O
navigates the Mare Crisium, hording
the last unpolluted baptism for the Changos.

People, not focused on Arcadia, lose
their whooping Pan to blood valves
erupting in their heels. Red squirrels
set conifers ablaze in the Pinaleño Mountains.

A charred ark disintegrates where
the Holy See fabricates
a telescope to find John Donne.

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Gila Mon lives in Payson, Arizona, where he teaches high school. His poems have appeared in various zines and journals over the past 16 years. His blog Dreaming in Satellite can be found online at