Astropoetica: Mapping the Stars through Poetry

Why, Sky?

North America Nebula in Cygnus

Credit: Radu Gherase

As a respectable citizen of the Earth,
I should try to make more money
and to aspire to a luxurious life,
not to lose time by watching
the Milky Way and the meteor showers
like a vagabond fallen in love
with impossible ideals.

My favourite spectacles should be
political-economical speeches,
not the comets slaloming
among the planets.

I should invest more for quick returns,
but my attention is stolen
by Vega, Deneb, Altair and…
Cygnus during the summer time,
by Sirius, Procyon, Betelgeuse and…
Orion during the winter time,
and by the Great Chariot
every night,
all of them saying to me:

‘We are not convertible into cash,
so you can take
heavenly fortune from us
for free.’

So I am quite indignant.

Why do you disturb me
with your luminous vibrations?
Why do you not leave me alone,
stars, nebulae and constellations?

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Andrei Dorian Gheorghe is the founder and director of the Cosmopoetry Festival of the Romanian Society for Meteors and Astronomy-SARM. He is the editor of over 30 slim English anthologies of Romanian and international astropoetry, and is the director of original astropoetry performances presented at the International Meteor Organization Conferences 1997-2010, the Leonid MAC Workshop of NASA (Tel Aviv, 2000), the European Convention of Science Fiction - Romania 2001, and the Internatonal Astronomical Union Symposium 260 (UNESCO, Paris, 2009). In 2003, he initiated the Meteor Contemporary Poetry Project for the IMO. He is also the coordinator of Cosmopoetry - SARM & Friends.