Astronomy for Girls

by Mary Cresswell

Andromeda was tied up, but
Cassiopeia was there, Virgo

seven sisters jostled for space
Coma Berenices trailed along

They careened across the sky
in the black solar wind

It is cold tonight, I said politely
and tucked a lock of hair behind my ear

It's dark outside
everyone is watching.

Get used to it! They laughed.
This is what happens
when you fly beyond the moon.

Copyright © 2004, Mary Cresswell
First Quarter Moon

First Quarter Moon
Copyright © 2003, Christopher J. Picking

Mary Cresswell is a science/natural history editor and freelance proofreader. She immigrated to New Zealand from Los Angeles years ago. She lives by the beach, just north of Wellington, and can see Alpha Centauri from her bedroom window.

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