dark energy

by Brian Tillotson

supernovae sing of space and time
Three distant supernovae studied for evidence of dark energy voices chant in photon rhyme
spectra bring bleak words to say:
galaxies all shall fade away
plundered loot of a cosmic crime

redshift steals the sparkling sky
spirals redden and finally die
winter takes the maple leaf—
dark energy is the cosmic thief
stealing diamonds from Hubble's eye

dark energy blasts the sky to shards
gravity's fist can't hold the stars
yet as those distant candles mark
hope remains where there's a spark
lovers, friends, and family
are bound by more than gravity:
we'll not be lonely in the dark

Copyright © 2005, Brian Tillotson

Brian Tillotson is a rocket scientist who lives near Seattle. His previous work has appeared in Dragon and the Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets. His first published fiction is coming soon in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine.

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Supernovae images courtesy of NASA and A. Riess (STScI)