by Cora Buhlert

They're watching the skies again,
waiting for the sun to vanish
behind a black-hole moon.

Some are hoping for the sight of their lives,
while others fear that the heavens will fall down
engulfing the Earth in neverending darkness.

But reality
is far less spectacular
than what the prophets promised.

Gods remain silent,
satellites stay in orbit,
somebody makes a fortune
selling cardboard goggles.

And at midday under a cloud-filled sky
the world turns just a little darker
than usual.

Copyright © 2005, Cora Buhlert

Solar eclipse: image by Lorenzo Comolli

Copyright © 1999, Lorenzo Comolli

Cora Buhlert studied English literature and creative writing at the University of Bremen, Germany, with a one semester stint at the University of Westminster, London. Currently, she is working as a translator, mainly for technical and scientific texts, and as a language teacher. She has published poetry and prose pieces in the magazines newleaf, ThrillerUK, Alien Worlds, Double Danger Tales, and Man's Story 2.

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