Taking Stock

by Terry Scott Boykie

SOHO image of the sunAre you an insurgent?
Someone cool, ready
to ignite the next solar flare.
Grounded with passion,
do you reach beyond your
childlike, earth-born animism,
safely away from
the mercurial orbit of Zeno,
aloof to the umbra of Plato,
resistant to Diogenes’
steady-state cynicism,
unsated by Epicure’s
equinoctial feast,
free from the
antimatter of sophists,
protected from the universal
ghosts of duality,
indifferent to the setting sun
of enlightenment,
clear of the partial eclipse
of determinism,
far from the
black hole of materialism,
remote to the mathematical
Ort of quantum mechanics,
cold to the dark force
in Pluto’s theory of strings
and serene to the galactic
decay of white
and brown dwarfs?

I am an insurgent,
belligerent to tides,
precursor to the revolution,
pagan of the Big Bang.
Are you?

Copyright © 2005, Terry Scott Boykie

Restless, inchoate poet Terry Scott Boykie possesses 25 years of experience in non-profit fundraising. He began writing at age 50 to assuage the pain of neuropathy and the realization that he would never win a batting title. Terry lives in Washington, DC with his wife, Barbara, where they enjoy birdwatching, parchisi, and rallying in support of the First Amendment.

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Solar image courtesy of SOHO (ESA & NASA)