The Call of Arion

by Elizabeth Henderson

I have heard your song, a ghost of starlight,
float on the night black sea; I have shadowed
every journey beneath these boat-cut waves,
swallowed by the water that bends all sound
and light, each symphony and star; and I
have known you loved, I have known you envied,
known every star-struck chord, each breath above
enchanted; and I have loved you, and I
have envied every fool who sails with you.
Deaf to all music, they shadow your gold,
and when they turn on you, my love, and when
you leap, voice flung against the stars, I will
rise to catch you and bear you safe to shore.

Copyright © 2003, Elizabeth Henderson
Delphinus, the Dolphin

Delphinus, the Dolphin
by John Flamsteed

Elizabeth Henderson is a southern poet and astronomer. She thanks her mother for teaching her the stars in the sky, and her father for giving her the moon in a telescope.

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