Cygnus and Swan Lake

by Ronald Gregory Cole

Sometimes sad songs
Begin by pulsing with hope
Creating a star splashed stage
Bright with energy's promise
And glittering potential
Barely restrained by an elegant waltz
Sporting with march and mazurka
Teasing rare gems cut in designs of six and eight
Measuring each a signature time on stage
Until distantly present
A lonely phrase unveils the first sad notes
At first easily denied
Brushed aside by an impetuous allegro
Jumping and spinning defiance
Strength and determined youth
Golden and radiant yet vulnerable
Guileless to plot and intrigue
Easily seduced by a solo violin
Aroused by tense arpeggios ignited on a harp
Beholds beauty dressed in glowing black
A pearl lustrous with night
Masquerading as a swan in white
Thus sadness courts romance
Gaining center stage at last
An oboe pleads
Joined by yearning strings
And the power of horns and winds
A building, bursting black star
Still bearing a white hot heart
A paradox of pain music alone survives
Love's bewitchment by desire
Redeemed by love's saddest song
Desire defeated by devotion's sword
On stage and off

Copyright © 2003, Ronald Gregory Cole
Cygnus, the Swan

Cygnus, the Swan
by Johannes Hevelius

Ronald Gregory Cole is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice in San Diego, California. He was born in Tucson, Arizona, speaking both Spanish and English, as his family counts several generations in Tucson, as well as Sonora, Mexico. His academic degrees are from the University of Notre Dame and San Diego State University. He started dancing at age six, and danced professionally before seeking his Masters of Social Work. He is currently in private practice, continuing to study dance, and is privileged to serve as the President of the Board of Directors of City Ballet of San Diego. He can claim lifetime affection for astronomy and Greek mythology, as well as dance.

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