by Sharon Black

On a happy night of red, white, and silver fireworks
emotions were high.
Rain on the one dry day of harvest in Kansas was trouble.
The Twins appeared from the glowing yellow after the rain,
and walked in time to Mendelsohnn's Italian symphony
playing on bass boost Magnavox.
Gemini fashioned themselves in identical shirts of white,
black pants, and backpacks,
looking as sharpened pencils in the distance.
Castor and Pollux walked straight as string to a dead-end street
and never, never did they turn left or right ...
then were gone in the flames of sundown.

Copyright © 2003, Sharon Black
Gemini, the Twins

Gemini, the Twins
by John Bevis

Sharon Black grew up in Smith Center, Kansas, almost the center of the USA. Among her interests are painting, writing short stories, and helping homeless pets. Her story "Shade of the Sun" can be found online at 31 Eyes.

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