Artist's conception of a growing black hole at the center of a distant galaxy 'light may escape awhile longer'

when boundary
       of nevernever attraction

noiseless untameable sunsets
 reviewed from the world's stock exchanges

spiralling arms of sulphur & carbon pollution
whatnext closed down its starry signs
                         in ablution

neighbors  approach in curious parsecs,
corkscrewing alphabets may change over
      to reverse threads,

past macro-couplings & glitches
had shrunk & grossened into chemo dead-end(s)
heavy spots in the sky
  won't fall yet into
     economically dancing heads
     'the value of the sky
        is what you believe'
as if always that conscious decision to attract,
draw sense into matter,
the repellent night
  in its plosives parlaying
  telescoped genetic whereabouts?
  most typical Tool grips?
(in its closed fist the morrow the morning
  collapses in particles, washers,
    towards forever mystery
   backoff theory never at this point OK
changed, a rotating binary
stresses third-world marriage markets
swirls ontogeny of favorite myths
belonging yesteryear, lore
   of stuck inf inf inf
           fluence, mortal sway re
                            re re
  joins war baby vomit, distended abdomens of comets
 war engine scientia chrono-
     terror loop of Kali
actually simple gravity this
  step outside
frozen rain smack
car may skid later at
critical velocity,  quick turn-out
  of Celestial Limit of mass
  at an age he/she thinks
  'things die' into onto good
  gracious young being, electrons
  in extremis of acquaintanceship-bonds
  release outsider tongueslips
  vain movements radiate forgetfulness
  galactic bulges lodge feelings of changelessness
  bent uselessly in after after

estimate western gate arrival from null yester
stand behind this line while
(awhile) x-rays scan
expired visas of entry, function
of ex-tempore-like camera
suspends at event horizon/navel
pay with lost choice of beverage
better BYO from
a geographical assortment of local bubbles
blown out from weather's cause
& sweet or acid soil
filling a longshot glass
given coordinates to find
spatial spa of interior 'but-why' solitude,


or spews of walden-trap glossy tourist universes,
or play red giant money on slow death odds (here)
descended from Penelope's loom
titan-boosted tales whispered
  semi-toothless above respirator'd crib
angel of the light cone's shrinking gifts
her n-dimensional hands stroking a Forehead-of-Jars
                    'others too'
         go the route of
contracted physical systems intelligence
Scylla-crush straits of imagination petits self-bytes re-
  relativized uncouth frequency cancerous?

later one would sooner gather
    by Old Lady Nut like a kid again:
  The Great Alexander & Los Alamos fuse,
     infinity tugs at a starfish's arms

Copyright © 2009, Dave Shortt

Image Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/T. Pyle (SSC

Another piece by Dave Shortt can be found in the Spring 2008 issue of Astropoetica.  His work has also appeared in the print journals Salamander (Brookline MA), Mesechabe (New Orleans), Bullhead (Ashland KY), Sulfur (Ypsilanti MI), Nexus (Dayton OH), Nedge (Providence); and the cyberzines Muse Apprentice Guild, The Arts Paper, and Sugar Mule.